Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tutorial DVD for Photographers and Photoshop virgins

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luke said...

What, no workshop tour? No tour bus with your photo all over it? I'm disappointed!

Mike said...

I think that a lot of 'Photoshop Virgins' may not have a good handle on file handling. Specifically; things like resolution, PPI vs DPI, file size & compression etc. Even file types...RAW, JPEG, TIFF, PSD etc.

Portrait retouching might be another good topic. This could be enough to fill 3 DVDs worth of tutorials...but some basic stuff would be good.

Workflow is another thing that many people don't have a clue about. Photographers usually do things their own way...but it would help them to have some guidance or at least some examples of how you (or other people) do it.

You can ship my free copy of the DVD to Big Mike @ 639 Bev........

James said...

hahah, I'm with Luke!
I am expecting a US tour date soon! I want to see the BUS! :D

Good idea anyhow Bob, looking forward to the DVD.

Lisab said...

Being an almost PS virgin, there was so much I did not know, still don't! How about some basics... certain tool locations and names.

creating your own logo brush is fun!

copy and paste an image..... yeah it sounds easy till you try to figure it out the first time!

You could title your series: Baby, Toddler and ready for school!

But I can't think of a better person to do this, you've been doing it all along helping all of us and your not just average, your GOOD!

Jim said...

I'm next in line for a DVD! I have a lot of people asking me all the time about separating the subject of the picture from the background and being able to change the background. Skin smoothing is another topic high on the list. When do you use dodge and burn, what are masks and why do I use them...

Just a couple of ideas! Thank you for doing this!

heesom photography said...

Hey Bob, looking forward to what you come out with.

selections using the pen tool please ;)

Amanda said...

I am a Photoshop virin, and having come from using an editing program I was quite familiar with, I can say the things I would like to know first are the shortcuts and simple actions. Shortcut keys, how to create new layers quickly, how to align things (took me SO LONG to figure out), loading actions, recording actions (also took me forever to figure out). I'll keep a pen beside my computer because I have no fewer than five frustrating moments every time I try to use it.

Looking forward to seeing the outcome!