Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Camera! Good Bye ISO3200, Hello ISO12,800!

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Lisa Nikole said...

yes I want to know what that little dooflingy is for!

Anonymous said...

was price of the 7d a huge consideration? did you think the 7d just wasn't worth the extra money? Thanks.

Robert Whetton said...

ok, so the 7D has a whole new AF system compared to the older 20/30/40D, but i found the 50's improved AF over the 20 to be all I need.. i've shot Football and Motor sports with the 50 and the only shots that weren't any good, were all faults on my part..

18MPx vs 15MPx - not worth it in my book..

6 vs 8 fames per second, if i don't really need the 6 (but its nice for a sequence of images)

flash control? i shoot manual off camera, so again not really interested.

HD movie? nah, i'm no videographer

would i say no if someone gave me a 7D? of course not, but i just couldn't see any reason to outlay the extra money for stuff that i don't need

Anonymous said...

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