Friday, 9 January 2009

Make Your Own Monitor Hood : DIY

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mark colombus said...

Brilliant Robert, i've couldnt stump up the ££'s for the 24" dell so i went for the 22" HP, i'm going to scale this down and make my one as well - stuff paying over £100 ;-)


Robert Whetton said...

Thanks Mark, after 2 years my Hood is starting to show its age..

I've placed small books, CD's and paper work on the top of the hood so its starting to sag in the middle, and the covering on the foamboard is starting to peel away on one of the sides..

so I think another trip to Hobbycraft is in order when I get a spare 15 minutes..

rog peppe said...

Unfortunately clicking on the redirected link just takes me to your facebook page, which doesn't have the original blog post AFAICS.

It would be nice to see the original posts.


Anonymous said...